Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Goodbye 2014. It's been nice knowing you but I'm afraid it's time to move on. It's sad to have to say goodbye, but we'll both get over it. It's been an explosive friendship and I'm sure I'll look back on it with a certain fondness. Before we go our separate ways, however, I wanted to leave you with this...

2014 has been a year of change. Looking back over the past 12 months is slightly overwhelming. So much has happened, so much has changed yet I've managed to get through it just like billions of others. This has been a year of growing up, fleeing the nest. A year full of exams and expectations. A year of saying goodbye.  A year of heartbreak. A year of fresh starts and new friendships. A year of adventures. A year of incredible ups and extreme downs. A year to look back on full of sentiment and to think, 'It's been one hell of a year'. Because it truly has.

It's too easy to sweep over the 12 months and make a judgement, good year or bad. To weigh up the happy against the sad. But the truth is, there will never be a year that is full of complete and utter happiness. There will always be a measure of shit mixed in. Sometimes more so than others. All things must come to an end, all good things and all bad things. This is a saying and a fact that stays with me throughout life and assures me that when the going gets tough, there will be a time in which it will get better. But it also means that things won't always go so well, and that is just a natural part of life.
So, 2014. We have had a blast, haven't we?

It started out on a high, so we'll start with the highlights. In January, I got an offer from Oxford University to study Geography. everything seemed to be going well academically and things were looking up. In February, I turned the big 18 and again, realised what a wonderful bunch of people I have in my life, both family and friends. In March, I visited my beautiful nieces and nephew in Scotland - something I don't do nearly as often as I should. I had a joint birthday party with one of my best friends and ran in fancy dress for the Sport Relief Fun Run. In April, I discovered a place of absolute natural beauty, Iceland. It was an incredible trip and I'm truly thankful to have had the opportunity to go. Also in April, I quit my job to focus on my exams. In May, I had my official last day of school and although it was a sad occasion, it was also a necessary rite of passage. Also in May, I passed my driving test first time round. June was mainly a month full of revision and exams, but at the end of June I had my end of 6th form prom which felt like the final goodbye to everyone in my year. July was hectic, I met my cousins from Australia for the first time as they visited for a month. We got on so well and did so many things, days out and nights out, so much that I can't be bothered to write it all down. Also in July, I played drums and sang in my last Concert with the school and soon after, I went off on my first solo trip - to America and Canada. It began in a place called Turtle Island Preserve where I met some of the most wonderful people on the planet and had such a fantastic time that I cried for a while on the plane and for the next few days after I left. But then I saw my family in Canada and had another great, but different, experience. Hanging out with family members, going on a road and camping trip with my uncle and spending some quality time with my aunt was just what I needed. Which lands us at the mid to end of August. August, the month in which I got my exam results and didn't get my place at Oxford. I'd already realised way before this point that it was not the place my heart was set, so this wasn't the big tragedy everyone assumed it would be. Instead, I got into the university which I desperately wanted to go. September was a month of working and saying goodbye. Getting ready to leave. Prepping for the fleeing of the nest. It was also the month of a fresh start at university. Meeting new people and living on my own. Which brings us to October, the true settling into university life. Making friends, going to lectures, joining societies, visiting new places. New new new. November was the month of truly getting over old heartbreak and opening myself up to others. December has been the month of family and friends, seeing people who I haven't seen in a while, being together with the people you love and truly appreciating life. Also, getting extremely sentimental. But that's a regular occurance for me anyway!

The not so great parts have been in there too. The uncertainty of the future. The stress of exams and the impatience with school, wanting to leave. Needing to get away. The fraying of nerves with friends who were all equally stressed out. The heartbreak of falling in love with someone who is strictly off limits. The stress and worry over exams and results. Saying goodbye. The feeling of missing family members who are gone and missing family and friends who live far away. The homesickness at university. The stupid mistakes resulting from alcohol consumption. The general worries and responsibilities of living on your own and having to pay for things you're not used to paying for. The loneliness of everyday life without your true friends or family around you to give you a hug. The falling for someone who is yet again off limits and having to get over it. Yes, there have been down periods. But still, this year has been absolutely mental and I hope that 2015 is just as crazy.

Happy New Year! I hope your 2014's have been great, and I hope that 2015 is just as good, if not better than the previous 12 months.

So, goodbye 2014. As I said, it's been nice knowing you but it is time to move on.

I won't forget you.

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