Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Day... the life of an undergraduate geography student.

Woke up at around 8:15am after much internal protestation and alarm snoozing. Lay there for a while thinking about how funny it is that I used to get up 2 hours earlier than this everyday for school. How I did that? I do not know. Once out of bed, I stumbled to the shower where the scalding hot water did something to kick my brain into gear. Got dressed and went to the kitchen to get me some toast and tea. Ate too slowly and had to rush when two of my friends, Zara and Nicolle, knocked on my door to go to our 9am lecture.

First lecture of the day was fairly interesting. It was a mini conference so we had three speakers instead of one lecturer and they each told us about their research into water use and agriculture. 2/3 speakers were good, the last one had the most monotonous voice and I felt my eyes start to burn listening to her. Luckily it ended before I had a chance to snooze and I got up and went to my 2 hour math workshop. I love maths and maths is fun, today we were doing quadratic equations which are not complex enough to go over for two hours, so that was slightly boring. But, luckily I'm sitting with a group of new people which is fun. After maths was another lecture. This time on dryland geomorphology. Pretty cool.

Immediately afterwards I went to the library to print out an application form for my second year modules in Calgary. Went to meet with the study abroad advisor to arrange a meeting before the end of the week to go through which modules I can and can't take next year. Then went to another meeting with one of my academic tutors to check up on how I felt university was going. Pretty pointless if I'm honest, but my tutor's nice enough. Then had a tutorial where half the tutor group did presentations (mine is in two weeks time) and we then split into groups at the end to start on our group report on an aspect of North-West England. We haven't decided what yet, but we'll be meeting within the next week to make a proper start.

Then went back to my room, extremely hungry and tired so made myself a cuppa and spaghetti bolognese. Chatted to my flatmate Ria for while in the kitchen until I'd eaten some of said spag bol. Filled out application form and shortlisted modules for next year to discuss with study abroad advisor tomorrow. Checked emails. Tried to summarise an article on ice core data taken from Vostok station, Antarctica, emphasis on the tried. Had another cup of tea with another flatmate, Sophie. Started extra reading for geomorphology on Loess and landforms. Then went and met up with a friend, Shaun, on campus for about an hour. This time I didn't have tea. I'm not addicted, I swear!

Afterwards, I left and went swimming with my flat mate Sophie for another hour. That was fun, and I managed to do 10 extra lengths since last time. Woo for energy and improved fitness! But unfortunately now I'm cream crackered. Went to chat to my housemate Omari then popped in to see other housemates, Imi and Ollie. I like talking to people, as you can probably tell. Now I'm here,at my desk writing this, procrastinating finishing my notes on loess and trigonometry work for maths tomorrow. Hmph. A day in the life eh? Feeling quite productive!



Thursday, 1 January 2015

A New Year

I have to admit, I quite like the symbolism of the new year. The annual kick up the backside.The clean slate. The cleaning of cobwebs. Everything seems so much more achievable somehow and I love it. So without further ado, I thought I'd share with you my resolutions and goals for 2015.

Make more of an effort to stay in contact with family members and to show them how much I love and appreciate them.

Try not to get drawn into other people's drama. Remain a neutral Switzerland at all times.

Be more giving, caring and cheerful to people. Think more deeply and carefully about how I can show the people I love that I do love them. Go out of my way to brighten people's days, both strangers and friends.

Maintain a good amount of exercise and continue to eat a relatively healthy diet - including the odd piece of cheesecake once in a while!

That's it for resolutions. As for what I want to achieve in 2015... well, that's less certain but here are a few ideas I've had floating around in my brain.

- Do well academically at university. Stay focused; keep on top of deadlines and reading; revise and study hard for exams.
- Blog more! Keep up the writing, splurt my thoughts out and stay active on the blogging front.
- Read between 30 and 40 books. Fiction and Non-fiction.
- Go on mini adventures. Make the most of my free time and the fact that I live in an entirely different part of the UK to where I'm used to, explore, have fun and take plenty of photos!
-Embrace the big adventure. Moving to North America. Immerse in the culture, try not to be too homesick, travel, work hard and most importantly...enjoy!
-Get back to being able to run 5k without stopping. A feat which I could do during the better part of 2014, yet have managed to let go towards the end...

So, Happy New Year! I hope you stick to your own resolutions and manage to successfully achieve your goals!

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