Thursday, 1 January 2015

A New Year

I have to admit, I quite like the symbolism of the new year. The annual kick up the backside.The clean slate. The cleaning of cobwebs. Everything seems so much more achievable somehow and I love it. So without further ado, I thought I'd share with you my resolutions and goals for 2015.

Make more of an effort to stay in contact with family members and to show them how much I love and appreciate them.

Try not to get drawn into other people's drama. Remain a neutral Switzerland at all times.

Be more giving, caring and cheerful to people. Think more deeply and carefully about how I can show the people I love that I do love them. Go out of my way to brighten people's days, both strangers and friends.

Maintain a good amount of exercise and continue to eat a relatively healthy diet - including the odd piece of cheesecake once in a while!

That's it for resolutions. As for what I want to achieve in 2015... well, that's less certain but here are a few ideas I've had floating around in my brain.

- Do well academically at university. Stay focused; keep on top of deadlines and reading; revise and study hard for exams.
- Blog more! Keep up the writing, splurt my thoughts out and stay active on the blogging front.
- Read between 30 and 40 books. Fiction and Non-fiction.
- Go on mini adventures. Make the most of my free time and the fact that I live in an entirely different part of the UK to where I'm used to, explore, have fun and take plenty of photos!
-Embrace the big adventure. Moving to North America. Immerse in the culture, try not to be too homesick, travel, work hard and most importantly...enjoy!
-Get back to being able to run 5k without stopping. A feat which I could do during the better part of 2014, yet have managed to let go towards the end...

So, Happy New Year! I hope you stick to your own resolutions and manage to successfully achieve your goals!


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