Friday, 5 June 2015


I absolutely adore reading. I know not how to describe the feeling that encompasses me when opening a book. To escape into a world created entirely through the imagination of another seems somehow intimate, yet how that world is perceived is entirely up to the imagination of the reader. Books are my constant, a place to escape when the burdens of life are too great, when the desire to feel less alone overwhelms me, when the want to learn something new surfaces, or just simply when I need to sit back and relax. Reading is my strength, my passion, my thing.

Books are always there. People can chop and change, life can take unexpected turns but there will always be a book that I can relate to. There will always be characters to love and characters to hate. There will always be places to explore. There will always be things to learn. Horizons to expand, vocabulary to be stretched, discussions to be had. I find a great comfort in knowing that.

I find that books are a gateway for me. The gateway to many an opportunity as a result of a common love of a book. Many a conversation has been started. Many a friendship has been made. Many a time have books been my saviour. If you know me, you'll know that books are the key to my heart. Nothing is as certain to get me animated than an extremely good or bad book. I never travel without one. To me they are a necessity. They are fantastic. I am in heaven when I am surrounded by them. It's for this reason that I could never have chosen to do a degree in English Literature. Books are my means for escape. The day that I need to escape from books is a day that I hope to never experience.


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