Monday, 30 November 2015

November: Studying Abroad

I honestly don't know where November went. It came and went in a series of flashes.

Flash, I'm sitting in the lounge with my guy friends playing cards.
Flash, I'm sat at my computer, frantically writing lab reports.
Flash, I'm making notes for my exams.
Flash, I'm researching for reports and tearing my hair out from the stress.
Flash, I'm going to the gym everyday with Sarah.
Flash, I'm having dinner my roommate and talking about life.
Flash, I'm watching a film with my girl friends.
Flash, I'm picking my parents up from the airport.
Flash, I'm watching a Calgary Flames Game.
Flash, I'm dividing my time between everyone unevenly.
Flash, I'm in the car with my mum and dad.
Flash, I'm driving up to Jasper on a road of pure ice for 290km.
Flash, I'm having snowball fights and laughing.
Flash, I'm sitting watching a Christmas movie by the fire.
Flash, I'm snuggled up with my mum.
Flash, I'm grabbing late night supplies from the grocery store with my dad.
Flash, I'm walking knee deep through the snow.
Flash, I'm studying again.
Flash, I'm saying goodbye.
Flash, I'm stressed out beyond belief.
Flash, I'm lying on my bed listening to Christmas songs.
Flash, I'm watching Spectre at the cinema with my friends.
Flash, I'm playing cards again.
Flash, I'm skyping.
Flash, I'm writing lab reports again.
Flash, I'm taking exams.
Flash, I'm Christmas shopping.
Flash, I'm singing and dancing with friends.
Flash, I'm playing cards.
Flash, I'm studying again.
Flash, December's here.

Here area few of my favourite photo's from the past month:

Mum and Dad chillin in Jasper

Lake Louise on the verge of Winter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Sorry this post is a bit incoherent... November has been a bit of a blur!

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