Thursday, 21 January 2016

December: Studying Abroad

I apologise that it's taken me such a long time to finish writing this short post. But alas, here is my December update. This month has been the month of goodbyes. Life can be a funny thing sometimes. It brings you amazing people and experiences that change your life in some way, only to take them away again. It feels like this exchange was gone in a blink of an eye. December was a blur of assignments, coursework, exams mixed with a flurry of last experiences with everyone. We went out for dinner or drinks most nights. Meanwhile trying half heartedly to get good grades.

Highlights of the Month were a jumble of the most normal things and the most Canadian things. The staying up with the Calgary family playing cards til past midnight. The Calgary Flames vs Boston Bruins game. Skiing for the first time in my life. The pre-drinks that turned into the just drinks. Ice Skating on Lake Louise. Dinner at the Calgary Tower at Sunset. Movie nights and gym sessions. Early mornings and late nights. And then it was time to fly back to the relatively warm and wet climate of the UK, where I had the most amazing Christmas with my family and time catching up with friends.

The past 4 months of exchange have been life changing and utterly phenomenal. There have been some incredible ups and quite a few downs. I know that I've made some lifelong friends and definitely some lifelong memories. To anyone who is even remotely considering doing an exchange, I urge you to 100%.

It's slightly sad to be writing this in January, knowing that my real exchange experience is pretty much over. Although I'm back in Calgary, life seems much more muted and chilled out. It makes a nice change from rollercoaster ride of the Fall Semester. Calgary life is essentially just normal life now, which is why I won't be posting anymore monthly updates as they may get slightly boring. I reckon I'll write something at the end of my official exchange. So, until then...



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