Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Exmouth, Devon

A few weeks *EDIT: A Year* ago I stayed with my best friend in Devon and as a slightly belated birthday present, we went to Exmouth for the day. When we got off the train, the place seemed like a run down old fishing town to be perfectly honest. But when we got to the harbour, the view made up for it entirely. I've always been a big fan of the sea and it was beautiful. We decided to take a boat trip along the coast and boarded 'The Pride of Exmouth' from the harbour out. It was a beautiful day, blue skies with a slight bite in the air. Despite the fact that we seemed like the only people under the age of 60, we thoroughly enjoyed the boat trip. They have a load of different trips you can take if you're interested, just have a look beforehand for the times. Unfortunately we didn't go on a day when they did a 'Jurassic Coast Tour' all about the geology but that didn't stop us from walking it afterwards! The general boat trip we took was interesting as the captain told us all about the history of the places we went past and we even got a free cup of tea on the house, or should I say boat!

Afterwards, we stopped by a little shop on the harbour called 'Harbour News and Gifts' to buy some postcards, keepsakes etc and I was completely shocked at how cheap it was. I'm so used to going to overly touristy seaside towns and not buying anything simply because it's so overpriced but I bought a few postcards for 20p each and then spotted a large pack of flapjacks, 8 to be precise, for only £1.15! You wouldn't even usually get 2 for that price in a supermarket. They were absolutely delicious AND they lasted the two of us the whole week. Sorry, but that kind of bargain excites me..probably a little too much...

We then proceeded to walk along the coast towards the beginning of the so called 'Jurassic Coast' and it was phenomenal. I've never seen anything like it in reality before. The sandstone gives the coast a red sand that is just wow...

* Hi, future Candi here. I never actually finished this post and just stumbled upon it so I thought, even though I can't remember the day in enough detail to continue this in depth story. The place is so beautiful that I want to add some photos and tell you that if you ever find yourself down in South West England, you should pay Exmouth a visit. It's absolutely stunning! *

Apologies for the lateness!

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