Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Everyone tells you that your twenties are the best years of your life and although people tend to say a lot of things, this one makes a lot of sense. The twenties, for some not all, are generally a time of freedom, of good health, of naivety and grand ideas. Life in education comes to an end and the possibilities of what to do next are endless. They are a time of hope and wonder. To do the things you really want to do without the general ties that life brings as you get older.

Turning twenty has me feeling a mix of emotions. Happiness at what I've managed to do and to achieve so far. Thankfulness for the people around me who continue to love and support me and make me smile and laugh everyday without fail. Sadness that time is already seeming to fly by. And terror. A worry that I won't make the most of this time being young and relatively carefree. That I won't fill my days with things worthwhile. That time is going to flash by that I'll be looking back in 10 years wondering how I managed to waste it.

So this is to my future self. I hope that you took the time to find the joy in every day. I hope you made sure to show the people you love and care so much about just how much they mean to you. I hope you went out of your way to make people smile. I hope you were there for your friends and family when they needed you. I hope you stayed up late talking and got up early to see the sun rise. I hope you laughed til you cried so many times you couldn't even count. I hope you experienced new places and did new things. I hope you worked hard. I hope you took time to treat yourself and to appreciate the little moments of quiet and stillness. I hope you played silly games with your nieces and nephew. I hope you lay down in the grass and watched the stars. I hope you ran in the rain and laughed at your reflection when you returned. I hope you filled that time with love, laughter and precious moments.

Here's to the next ten years of my life!



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