Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer Update

Fersness Farm, Eday
Hellooo. It's been a while I know. The lack of routine over the past few months has taken a toll on my blogging schedule, which has always been inconsistent at best anyway. Since my last proper post, I've been here, there and everywhere it feels like. I left Calgary and visited New York, Toronto and Iceland with my brother PJ, we returned and I spent the next month being a tourist back in the UK with my Australian cousin Lucinda and we had a small yet eventful trip to France during that time too. As soon as she headed back to Brisbane, I left for Eday, a small Island in the Orkneys, where I worked on a Cattle and Sheep farm for 5 weeks. 

Lac de Virlay, France
Less than 24 hours after my return I set off for Washington D.C. where I stayed with my good friend Lisa for a few days before we ventured to Turtle Island Preserve for the third year running to participate in Girls Camp 2016. As always, Camp was eventful, rewarding and a learning experience. I know I still haven't got round to writing about Turtle Island on this blog but that time will come, and soon I think. After 2 weeks of camp, I stayed with another close friend Kendra in her wonderful home in Hickory, NC for a week and we journeyed back to DC for a couple of days to visit with Lisa again before my return flight to the UK. So, yes, it's been hectic. Time to have a little breather and focus on my dissertation, my family and my friends for a few weeks before heading back up to the Orkneys for a couple of weeks.

I hope to write some individual blog posts about some of the above adventures, but thought this would be a good way to end the blogging drought for now. Talk to you soon! 


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