Sunday, 19 February 2017

Writing About Writing

It's been a while since I've taken the time to sit and write. There have been multiple occasions over the past couple of months where I've had ideas for things I want to write about and yet I've not. I tend to open up a new blog post sheet and type a few thoughts, hit save and think, I'll come back to that later, and guess what? I rarely do. This blog for me is to articulate feelings on subjects that I wouldn't necessarily articulate so well in my diary. Writing in my diary is kind of like a first draft. Where things are choppy and raw and don't necessarily flow. A blog post is more refined. A place where I can truly isolate something and really discuss it.

This blog is here for me to talk about my experiences, my feelings and my life in general but also somewhere I can write well informed pieces on topics i'm passionate about and the occasional light hearted post on things that lack substance but are nonetheless fun to talk about. I considered writing a monthly roundup, similar to my monthly study abroad updates, but I don't know, I feel like I've missed the boat on talking about January and I'm not altogether sure I want to give myself more deadlines. I just know that I want to be writing more, but I have so many things I want to say that I end up not saying anything but instead doing this and writing about wanting to write. Helpful.

So I'm going to stop this procrastination piece in its tracks, and hope that it's given me the kick I need to get writing!


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