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Riverdale 'Chapter Two: Touch of Evil' Photo Recap

Hey guys,

Sorry it's been a while, I've had exams. And deadlines. And various other things consuming my time between now and the last photo recap. But wait no more! I am back, in true tardy fashion, with Chapter 2. If you haven't seen the first episode, maybe go and do that or go and read my previous recap here.

'Touch of Evil' begins with a very sweaty and very topless Archie tossing and turning. After rightfully getting the cold shoulder off of Betty (remember the very recent rejection?), he decides to go for a very sweaty and very topless midnight run. To whose house other than our favourite Miss Predators?! Hip hip hurray. Shall we just call Miss Grundy the culprit and all go home? Lets save ourselves the time and effort investigating elsewhere.

Archie is adamant that they heard gunshots, much to Grundys dismay. So she tries a different tact. Somehow, it seems that Miss Predator is losing her tight leash on Archie, because he doesn't seem so happy to play by her rules this time.

Yeah, that's right Archie. You fight your way out of Grundy's web. Meanwhile, in Betty's house, her mom gives her a pep talk about how she shouldn't talk to or trust anyone. A touch patronising. Not a fan of Betty's mom. Betty agrees to not talk to Archie, only to, two seconds later, talk to Archie. Rebel much?

Betty and Archie walk to school together and Betty pretends that she's okay being in the friendzone. But if there's one thing I've learnt about love, it's that, nobody is okay with being in the friendzone if they want to be out of the friendzone. I hear your words Betty, but I see through you. Don't worry gurl, we've all been there. Jug/Gossip Girl has a brief conversation with Archie about Jason (the guy who died just to remind you). Then Betty and Kevin pick up some apology flowers from Veronica for kissing Archie.

Veronica grovells hard and wins back Betty, much to Kevins dismay. I adore Kevin. And I'm kind of digging Betty with everyone. Well, by everyone I mean, BettyxArchie and BettyxVeronica. With a dash of Kevin everytime. Watch this space.

And back to the big mystery on hand. The death of Jason Blossom.

Archie is consumed with guilt and Jughead is totally onto him. Jughead doesn't seem to miss anything around here. I'm just surprised he doesn't already know who killed Jason... Or does he?

Meanwhile half of suspect number 2 hands over a wad of cash to the forensics guy doing thee autopsy on Jasons body. Totally unsuspicious behaviour right. Hmm I still stand by my red herring point I made before so imma be mad if they did actually kill Jason.

And back to teen non-murder drama, I called it - Betty is so not ready to be in the friendzone. Love guru here, whenever you need Betty.

No worries Betty. I got you. She storms off, admitting that maybe she's not okay. Which is okay. Archie is trying to help, but he's really not being much help. Sorry Archie, but you need to just back off a bit. Again, we've all been there. Sometimes you just need to give people a bit of space.

Then the principal calls out Archie on his weird lurking behaviour. Archie freaks and we all know what Archie does when he freaks by now. He runs off to Grundy. I should have known her absence on screen was too good to last.

Hey, I'm just as annoyed about Archie running to you as you are. She is such a slimy piece of seaweed. Is there no depth to which she wouldn't stoop? She plays on Archies feelings for her to stop him from telling everyone about them being together and hearing the gunshots that fateful morning at the river. She even strokes Archies fingers. Excuse me while I vomit next to her.

Thank the lord that Jughead is gossip girl because now he knows. Phew. The dramatic irony was getting quite exhausting.

And this face, people, is the face that bonds me and Jughead forever. I feel your disgust, and I am here for you. I'm sure you've all heard the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well, Jughead, nice to meet you friend.

Betty and Veronica have an argument about Archie and what its like to be forever alone. Betty is still in denial about everything. Cba to screenshot. Betty gets her bitch on and goes for pedicures with Cheryl (the ginger twin to remind you) instead of Veronica. Not gonna lie, I think Veronica kind of deserved it for the whole kissing Archie shenanigans. But now equal footing has been restored, I'll be less accepting of Bitch Betty should she make another appearance.

Archie and Veronica have some alone time for the first time since they kissed. And true to form, the topic of conversation is Betty. If they end up getting together, I wonder if they'll say Betty's name during foreplay, or is that too crude? I'm not shipping them.

Over at Betty's house, Cheryl and Betty are playing a short lived game of best friends.

Archie returns home to find Jughead on his steps. Seriously, does Jughead have clones? I swear he is all seeing and all knowing. He is everywhere. No-one is safe from the eyes of Jughead.

Archie tells all. PHEW. And Jughead voices some harsh truths and opinions similar to my own. I am rapidly gaining respect for the mysterious Jug.

'COUGAR' (Jughead re: Grundy)

'I'm guessing she cares more about herself' omg yass queen. I love you already. We have seriously bonded this ep. I guess I have Grundy to thank for that. Ha, likely. But seriously, Jughead, amazing. Can we upgrade to best friends?

Betty and Veronica make peace, which makes me really happy.

In the common room or whatever, the jocks are spouting shit about jughead and teasing him about being a serial killer. As you do.

Popular jock whose name I can't remember gets all riled up because he can't handle Jugheads sass and Archie stands up for Jughead, resulting in a small fight between the the jock and Archie. Archie may be beginning to redeem himself.

And furthermore, Archie decides to do the right thing and tell Weatherbee about the gunshot. Grundy isn't happy, which means I am doubly happy. Go Archie. Then Jughead and Archie have a cute moment. Uhm, sorry but I may be shipping them just a little bit now. But I don't know if I'm just shipping jughead with anyone because he looks so damn cute.


Then Betty and Veronica go for milkshakes which was the best thing. I was feeling a distinct lack of milkshakes this ep. They toast to not letting boys get between them - I smell a slight whiff of foreshadowing? Or am I just being cynical?

But the happiness never lasts too long, because the very next day, Cheryl gets arrested for something in the autopsy results and it turns out Jason died a week after he disappeared.

I feel ya Archie, I feel ya.

Some notes:

  • wtf is going on?
  • everyone is so darn beautiful
  • I think Cheryl really grew on me this ep, I love how she owns her crazy and how she also broke down at the pep rally, also that frog dissection scene, yass queen!
  • what went on with Polly and Jason? I feel like this arc should come to light soon and its gonna be big
  • I was not expecting to fall in love with Jughead, but I think I actually did
  • Miss Grundy is, as always, the worst
  • I am so pleased about the milkshakes at the end, seriously, I think I'm actually gonna tally the milkshakes from now on #hereforthemilkshakes I want a milkshake
  • I definitely have a girl crush on Betty
  • Archie is a bit of a dweeb, buuuut I have high hopes for his character development
  • I'm unsure about Veronica
  • I want more Kevin scenes
  • Whats the deal with Bettys parents paying the forensic guy?
  • Can someone upset me so that they can buy me flowers and cupcakes and mani/pedi vouchers?
  • I am, once again, hooked


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