11 UK publishers accepting submissions in 2020

(Updated October 2020)


Over the past year I’ve worked with a lot of aspiring authors looking to get published, and I’ve realised that finding a comprehensive list of publishers actually accepting submissions is quite the challenge. So, because I’m incredibly kind-natured and helpful, I’ve put together a list of some of the UK publishers accepting manuscripts in 2020.

Fairlight Books

If you have a book or novella in the genre of literary fiction, Fairlight Books want to hear from you. They have their full guidelines on submissions over at their website, but just a heads up, they don’t accept erotica.

Olympia Publishers

Olympia Publishers are open to books in a whole range of genres, and they offer both traditional and partnership contracts.

A traditional contract is where the publisher covers the complete cost of publishing, whereas a partnership contract is where part of the cost is covered by you. (This varies from publisher to publisher but at Olympia, this includes covering the initial production cost and the cost of printing.)

Pegasus Publishers

Currently open to manuscripts from authors who are both published and unpublished, Pegasus accepts stories from a wide variety of genres. Your best bet is to have a look at each imprint of the publisher, to see if any of them align with you and your book.

Pegasus also offers both traditional and partnership contracts.

Austen Macauley 

Another publisher accepting manuscripts from a variety of genres is Austen Macauley, who offer both traditional and partnership contracts. Their aim is to help authors both new and published reach a wider audience in “an increasingly crowded marketplace”.

Strange Attractor

Primarily interested in non-fiction, particularly of the ground-breaking research type, Strange Attractor is always looking for the next quirky read that has a unique voice and subject matter. They have quite an extensive list of criteria on their submissions guidelines page, so it’s worth checking out before sending anything off to them.

It’s also worth noting that Strange Attractor does not accept submissions from agents, so the author must contact them directly, otherwise they will definitely not accept the submission.

Fahrenheit Press

Fahrenheit Press seem like tough eggs to crack, but from a little digging around, they also seem like they’re the kind of publisher that hold their passion for quality crime and thriller stories at the core of their business, and aren’t afraid to turn you away if you don’t rise to the challenge.

I have to say, looking through their submissions guidelines, I’m a little in love. Fahrenheit Press are true champions of good writing and they offer only traditional publishing contracts. If you’ve got a manuscript in the crime or thriller genre, I would definitely suggest giving their submissions a go, but read their guidelines carefully before doing so.

Novum Publishing

Another stellar publisher accepting a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction is Novum Publishing. They don’t have much information on their website about the type of contracts they offer, but they do have contact boxes to find out. So I would definitely suggest reaching out to them to see whether this publishing house would be a great fit for your book, before sending a submission.

Holland Park Press

Holland Park Press are currently accepting submissions in the genre of literary fiction. If you have a story that you truly believe is offering a new perspective in the world of modern literature, then Holland Park Press may be for you.

As well as literary fiction novels and novellas, they also accept memoirs, short story collections and poetry collections.

It is important to note that Holland Park Press don’t typically accept books that are part of a series, are over 100,000 words, are targeted towards children or a young adult audience, or are within the non-fiction or genre fiction realm. (It may also be worth noting that they do make exceptions to these criteria if they deem your writing to be of exceptional quality.) They do not accept books that have previously been self-published.

Quarto Publishing

If you have a specialist non-fiction book, especially one which can act as a guide for the reader (maybe a cookery book, an arts and crafts book, a travel guide etc.), Quarto Publishing have such a huge range that you’d be hard pressed not to find a home for your manuscript.

As far as I can see, you can submit whether you have actually written the book or not, so this publisher does appear to accept proposals for ideas as well as submissions of unsolicited manuscripts.

SRL Publishing

SRL Publishing seem to be the kind of publisher that want to publish books with diverse and impactful stories. They are a publishing house that want to push the boundaries and start discussions, rocking the boat a little.

If you’re an author with a strong message or with a story you think will leave people thinking about long after they turn the last page, then SRL may be for you.

Blossom Spring Publishing

Blossom Spring Publishing are a publisher accepting more commercial fiction titles, such as historical romance, saga, crime and psychological thrillers, paranormal and mystery, and children’s fiction.

They also accept some non-fiction books in the categories of humour, health and food and drink.

It’s worth noting that they do not accept poetry, short stories, stories that centre around an occasion such as Christmas, or non-English stories.

Blossom Spring Publishing offer both traditional and partnership contracts.

And that is all I have for today, but I will try and get out another list of UK based publishers accepting submissions soon, as there are quite a few of them! I might do more specialised lists according to genre, so for example, if you’re a historical fiction author, it may be worth knowing which publishers are out there for you specifically. Let me know if this is something that would be useful.

Have a good day and good luck with your submissions!