25 Sci-Fi and Dystopian Writing Prompts

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In the midst of a bout of writer's block and struggling for inspiration? Or simply want to have a bit of fun writing something different and new?

Writing prompts can be a useful tool to get your creative juices flowing and rekindle your love for writing. Being given a little spark of a story can really help to kick start your imagination.

Here are 20+ sci-fi and dystopian writing prompts to get you out of a writing slump.

A question

  • What would happen if the world's children all suddenly vanished?
  • How would the world survive a sudden mass wildlife extinction?
  • After an alien colony crash landed on Earth 2 years ago, how have they integrated within society?
  • A new government is formed, with all of its members being teenagers. A 13-year-old girl sits as World Dictator. How and why has this happened?
  • What would the world look like if there was no longer any gravity?
  • Teleportation across the globe is now scientifically possible. How can is be implemented into society, and what problems or repercussions would this have on the way society operates?

A line of dialogue

  • "The life forms have made first contact, and they've asked for you."
  • "Mum, I think... I think I just saw an alien in the garden."
  • "Your Majesty, there's no one I'd rather share the end of the world with."
  • "In time, you'll realise that everything we did, we did to save humanity from the Mildru's clutches."

An object

  • An ancient Pandora's Box discovered at the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean is opened.
  • The world is in crisis as a virus has evolved. The antidote lies in the blood of 5-year-old child.
  • Upon the desk of the prime minister sits a button that if pressed could destroy the planet.
  • On an expedition deep under the earth's crust, a box of human remains is discovered.
  • The world has descended into catastrophe after Climate Change reaches its climax. When all hope seems lost, a spaceship descends from the sky.


  • After the biggest earthquake in the history of the earth, cracks appear across the globe. Almost immediately, a third of the population drops dead where they stand.
  • Every single satellite in the Earth's atmosphere suddenly come crashing back down to earth.
  • The Earth sits in the middle of The 34th Sky War. With hostages taken on both sides, an extra-terrestrial being forms a friendship with an unlikely hero.
  • A new planet is discovered. Your protagonist is one of the few selected to make first contact and explore it.
  • The government now controls everything you do. Citizens are no longer able to make any decisions without having the authorisation from the government.
  • Scientists discover a new microorganism that synthesises water, allowing humanity to begin migrating to other planets.
  • The hottest heatwave occurs across the northern hemisphere since records began, and in some areas, mass evacuations are taking place. The added problem: countries are closing their borders to prevent migration.
  • Astronauts are sent to a far off planet full of molten lava and active volcanoes to mine precious metals and minerals necessary for the sustenance of human life on Earth.

Line of narrative

  • As I looked down at my legs I could see the green liquid coursing its way through my veins.
  • He stared at her through the glass of the chamber, his face impassive. "You'll pay for this," he mouthed, as the door to the airlock opened and he was sucked out into the darkness beyond.

If, after all of those, you're still struggling to get your creative juices flowing then check out my post on tackling writer's block.

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