9 UK publishers accepting historical fiction submissions 2021

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I promised I'd post a more specialised take on my publishers accepting submissions post and I know it's been a long time coming, but here we are. So if you're a historical fiction author, you're in luck! Here, I'm going to share with you 9 UK publishers accepting historical fiction submissions in 2021. You're welcome!

Just to note before we dive in, this post is written in February 2021, so apologies if you're from the future and some of these publishers' submissions are now closed. At the time of writing, the following publishers are accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the historical fiction genre.

Woodfield Publishing

Woodfield Publishing are an independent publisher based in Southern England specialising in 'historical/nostalgic content'. They accept both manuscripts and book proposals, so if you have an idea for a novel but haven't actually written it yet, they're still happy to hear from you.

Woodfield accepts submissions from authors anywhere in the world, as long as the manuscripts are written in English. If you check out their page, they have a straightforward email template that will guide you through the process.

For more info on the kind of books Woodfield are looking for, click here.

Blossom Spring Publishing

Blossom Spring Publishing are accepting unsolicited manuscripts in the more specialised historical romance and saga genre, which generally come under commercial women's fiction. If your historical fiction manuscript does not fall within this realm of the genre, you might be better looking elsewhere.

If they like the sound of your work, they'll offer you one of two contracts: a traditional contract or or a partnership contract (or, in their words, a 'package B publishing agreement').

As I mentioned in my previous submissions post, a traditional contract is where the publisher covers the complete cost of publishing, whereas a partnership contract is where part of the cost is covered by you (this cost varies from publisher to publisher).

Novum Publishing

Novum Publishing are a publisher specialising in new authors, so if this submission is your first rodeo, you may find this is the publisher you're looking for. They also offer a free information package to authors, so I'd recommend checking out their website.

While publishers are less and less likely to accept submissions via post nowadays, Novum is one of the few that still do.

Blue Mark Books

Blue Mark Books have a whole load of guidelines for their submissions process, so I recommend you check out their submissions page thoroughly before sending in your work.

However, as I'm so unbelievably kind, I'll summarise what they're looking for:

  • Literary, historical or general fiction, as well as novels that are 'new and exciting'

  • A brief synopsis of the book

  • The first three chapters and the final chapter

  • A proposal including info about you, why you wrote the book, who it's for (target audience) and how you plan on marketing it

Pegasus Publishers

Accepting submissions from a whole range of genres (including historical fiction of course), Pegasus accept both new and previously published authors.  

They mention on their website that although they accept submissions by post and email, they prefer if you submit using their online form on their submissions page. This way, you can make sure you get the quickest response.

Pegasus offers both traditional and hybrid (partnership) contracts.

Sapere Books

Sapere accept both unsolicited manuscripts and those submitted via an agent.

The publisher is keen to publish full-length historical fiction, and if you've written or envisage your historical fiction as part of a series, they're especially interested in hearing from you.

Sapere accepts both new manuscripts and manuscripts that have gone out of print and are no longer available.

Olympia Publishers

Olympia Publishers accept both finished and uncompleted manuscripts. So if you've started writing a book but are unsure whether it's something they'd be open to, they're happy to hear your idea and let you know whether they'd be interested in publishing your work.

For Olympia's submissions process, all they want you to send is a copy of your manuscript, a synopsis of your work and a covering letter. The synopsis should be no longer than one side of A4.

Olympia also offer traditional and hybrid (partnership) contracts.

Austen Macauley Publishers

Austen Macauley accept unsolicited manuscripts as well as those submitted via a literary agent. 

For their submissions process, they ask that you provide a synopsis of less than 500 words alongside a copy of your full manuscript. This can be sent via post, their online form or email. 

They make take up to 6 weeks to review.

Impress Books

Impress is another UK publisher (based in Durham) accepting historical fiction submissions, and they're a little more vague on the kind of thing they're looking for.

Accepting either samples or whole manuscripts, if you're someone whose book's genre isn't quite as clear cut, this may be a great option for you.

However, they do note that it may take up to 6 months to receive a response.

If you're not sure whether your book is ready for submissions, I offer a manuscript critique service whereby I'll read through your manuscript and pick up on any problems you may have with the foundation of your story. I'll offer feedback and advice on how to solve these, as well as general comments regarding character, plot, pacing, point of view and narrative. For more information on this, click here.

As always, I hope this has been helpful and I wish you the best of luck with your submissions process!

Until the next time,

Candida x