Proofreading is often the final check of your work before publication or submittal. The proofreading service includes checking for any errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring consistency in design, typography and language, flagging up ambiguity and repetition, and highlighting any discrepancies.

Copyediting/Line Editing
Copyediting is a more involved editing service that usually occurs earlier on in the publication or submittal process. With copyediting, you will receive a line by line edit, focusing on grammar, spelling and punctuation, consistency in language and flagging up any ambiguity. This service will also provide you with suggested changes in sentence structure and language to improve the flow and tone of your work, as well as highlighting any discrepancies.

Manuscript Critique

With this service you will receive extensive comments and suggestions regarding your manuscript on how to resolve problems with the foundation of your story. This will involve in depth commentary on characters, plot, pacing, narrative and POV. A manuscript critique will not focus immediately on the small details that are involved in copyediting and proofreading, but instead the larger picture. A 3-6 page report will be provided (depending on the length of the manuscript). 

I typically offer a free sample edit for proofreading and copyediting of up to 500 words. If you are unsure of what form of editing you need, send me an email at with an excerpt of your work, along with a word count and a summary of your work as a whole and I'll get back to you with a recommendation on the type of editing we think is required, as well as a quote for the work. This is to allow you to see if you are happy with my editing style and skill, and to allow me to appropriately estimate the price.

For a manuscript critique, I currently charge £1.50  (GBP) per 1000 words.