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Proofreading is the final step of the editing process. Your story should already have had multiple pairs of eyes on it, and the overall structure and story arc should be sound. Not only this, it should flow well at a sentence level too.

The proofreading process is there to catch those pesky mistakes that have fallen through the net (or even been introduced!) during the previous rounds of editing. 

That said, no book is ever published entirely without fault. To minimise the amount of errors in your story before it's released into the big wide world, the less changes made at this stage, the better. Therefore, a proofreader won't be looking at your story and picking out on flow or pacing issues. They are there to focus their attention on ensuring your book goes out as error-free as possible. 

So before opting for this service, you need to be confident your story really is ready for publication.

What this service includes

  • Checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Ensuring consistency in spellings, capitalisation, style, language and story
  • Looking out for repetition in language and overuse of certain words
  • Ensuring consistency in formatting and design
  • Flagging up any ambiguity in the text

The process

With this service you will receive one full read through of your manuscript/story, after which I will send the document back to you to review any queries.

Once you have done this, I will then check over any areas of the manuscript that have needed any significant changes, to ensure no errors have been added. You must keep tracked changes on so that I can easily see what changes you have made during this stage.


For fiction proofreading: 7.50 GBP per 1000 words

Manuscripts over 60,000 words in length will be subject to a discount depending on word count and initial quality of writing.

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She delivers high quality proofreading

'So happy with Candida's help! She delivers high quality proofreading. I will definitely work with her again.'

Katrien Philips, CEO of The Swedish Gift Shop