Candida poured herself into making me a better writer.

'Writing is a very personal endeavour. As an aspiring author you pour in all the skill, dedication, intelligence and courage you can muster. You should demand nothing less from your editor. Candida poured herself into making me a better writer. Not just better for my current project but better for the rest of my career. As much as I value the treasure trove of improvements she offered for my manuscript, they pale in comparison to her advice on honing my craft. If you have worked to bring your story to life, then don’t sell yourself short when it comes to editing. You will not regret having Candida give your manuscript the most thorough reading it has ever had. Thank you Candida.'

Daria Sanetra, Author of 'Your Emotional Belly Cure'


Hire her, dummy!!!

'Hire her, dummy!!! There's no way to put it other than: Candida is an engaged, kind, timely, honest editor who loves literature! Amazing!'

Karl Kristian Flores, Author of 'The Goodbye Song'

Great job of reviewing my manuscript.

'Candida was very professional and did a great job of reviewing my manuscript and giving me insightful feedback. I highly recommend her.'

Matifa Akin, Author of 'L'Autre'

She delivers high quality proofreading.

'So happy with Candida's help! She delivers high quality proofreading. Will work with her again.'

Katrien Philips, CEO of The Swedish Gift Shop