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Want to create an excellent story that leaves a mark on its readers and keeps them coming back for more? As luck (or some other
intervention) would have it, you've come to the right place. A place of intent was created by me, Candida Bradford, back in 2019 after
realising that the one consistent thing I've loved all my life (other than my mum of course) is fiction.

Give yourself and your story the best chance at success

I help authors to make their stories shine. Whether that be through developmental editing, copyediting or proofreading, I have the publishing and literary know-how to get a book ready for publication or submission. So many authors make the mistake of not spending enough resources on editing their books – don't be one of them! Editing, by self-editing and/or hiring a professional, is essential if you want to be a successful published author.

An editor you can trust

Sharing your writing with someone you don't know can be a pretty nerve-racking experience, I know. Which is why it's absolutely vital you find an editor you can trust. If you choose to get your book edited by me, I can promise you this: I am here to be a champion for your writing, to give you constructive feedback, and to help you get your book that step closer to being ready to publish or submit.

My goal is to provide affordable editing services so you can put out into the world a great story, one that should be shared. I am not here to judge and I am not here to take over your story. If you want to see whether we'd make a good team, drop me an email!

If you're at all unsure of what exactly it is you and your story need, why not have a look around?

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The number one person to turn to for help with your manuscript.

Candida is a consummate professional and the number one person to turn to for help with your manuscript. She uses her expertise combined with her creative knowledge of literature to hone and polish your work until it's razor-sharp but still allows the author's voice to shine through. Candida is a wonderful person to work with, and after editing two novellas for me, she is the one-stop-shop for new and seasoned authors. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

John Hughes, Author of The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee