Editorial Services

Hi! You're here, on my homepage, and you're reading this, so already we're off to a great start. A place of intent was created by me, Candida Bradford, in 2019. The name was taken from my old blog, where I used to write about life, the universe and everything. I wanted the blog to be a space where I could share my good intentions, talk about things that I was doing/figuring out, but most of all, it was a space to talk about books.

Reading is one of the only things I've consistently loved throughout my entire life, but the idea of doing it for a living seemed like the stuff of real fantasy. Little did I know that there were ways to make this dream a reality. So, after a steep - and continuous - learning curve, here I am offering editorial services for authors and publishers. If you want a comprehensive list at what these entail, click here.

If you're looking for a little bit more information on my experience and qualifications in the field of editing, let me direct you to the about me page. If you would like to see my portfolio of published manuscripts I've worked on to date, head over to the portfolio page.