About Me

If you take anything away from this 'about me' let it be this: I adore books. I have loved reading my whole life, and even now, when I spend my days helping authors to make their work the best version it can possibly be, I spend my nights curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a book in hand. I know what makes a great book great, and what makes an average book average. I will help you to fine tune the manuscript you've put your heart and soul into, without ever taking away your narrative style or touch, but instead just being like a literary equivalent of a shammy leather - someone you can utilise to make your book shine.

I began dipping my toes into the world of proofreading and editing a few years ago, starting out with an academic proofreading service Proofessor UK, and taking on various freelance projects for writers and businesses such as Scribly, Savanna, and Celine. I began to seek the work of publishers, as, well, books are where my heart well and truly belongs.

Since 2019, I've worked as a proofreader and copyeditor for several UK publishing houses. I've edited and proofread over fifty manuscripts of fiction and non-fiction books to date, including several bestsellers, working with self-publishing authors, traditionally published authors and authors embarking on the submissions process.

My area of expertise lies in fiction editing, particularly within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller, contemporary romance and historical fiction.

My favourite authors (who I haven't worked with, as publicly ranking those I have would be slightly unethical...) include: Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Sally Rooney, Fredrik Backman, Dolly Alderton, Philip Pullman and Jane Austen.

Continued Education and Memberships

Since graduating Lancaster University in 2017 with a 2:1 degree in Geography, I have taken various courses and webinars to continue my education. Those relevant to proofreading and editing are:

  • CIEP Annual Conference - 11th-14th September 2021
    • Editors and copyright: Myth-busting and good practice – Pippa Smart
    • Fiction line-editing essentials: Narrative distance – Louise Harnby
    • Authenticity reading: Helping writers craft accurate and respectful representation – Crystal Shelley
    • Guiding principles for developmental fiction editing – Sophie Playle
  • Getting Started in Fiction Editing - CIEP (2019)
  • P2: Proofreading Headway - CIEP (2019)
  • P1: Introduction to Proofreading - CIEP (2019)
  • English Grammar, Young Learners and Business English - TEFL Org UK (2018)

Recent Projects

Candida very much put me on track and guided me through what I now see was a very rough first attempt

If you’re just starting out as an author, you really do need an independent critical friend. I’d had some great ideas for a novel and having squashed them all together I recklessly began sending out my first manuscript to some agents and publishers. Fortunately, I was lucky that one publisher saw something in my writing and introduced me to Candida who very much put me on track and guided me through what I now see was a very rough first attempt.

        You need someone to believe in and champion your writing; to know your writing as well as you do but who is strong enough to say, ‘No, that really doesn’t work, have you thought about...?’ Candida manages all these roles with real flair, and I very much look forward to working with her well into the future.

Martin Kaye, Author of On Badon Field