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Copyediting is a more involved editing service that usually occurs in the middle of the publication process.

With copyediting, you will receive a line by line edit, focusing on the flow and tone of your work, while also keeping an eye out for grammar, spelling and punctuation, consistency in language and flagging up any ambiguity.

This service will provide you with suggested changes in sentence structure and language to improve the flow and tone of your work, as well as highlighting any problems, all while maintaining your narrative voice and keeping your flair in the writing.

If you're happy with the overall arc of your story or structure of your manuscript but there are some areas that just don't feel quite right, maybe you're struggling with clunky dialogue or feel as though your descriptions are basic and repetitive, this is the service for you.

What this service includes

  • Flagging up clunky sentences, overwriting and repetition that take away from your pace and flow
  • Checking for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Ensuring consistency in spellings, capitalisation, style, language
  • Looking out for authenticity in dialogue, as well as ensuring dialogue punctuation and tagging is sound
  • Guidance in formatting and design
  • Flagging up any ambiguity in the text
  • Ensuring consistency in character, plot and setting

The process

With this service you will receive one full read through of your manuscript/story, after which I will send the document back to you to review any queries. 


For fiction copyediting: 10.00 GBP per 1000 words

Manuscripts over 60,000 words in length will be subject to a discount depending on word count and initial quality of writing.

Optional extra:
I can also create a unique style guide for your manuscript, for an additional fee of 75.00 GBP. This allows you to keep track of styling elements such as capitalisation, hyphen usage, numbers and dates, in-text quotations, preferred spelling etc. Otherwise, I will work to Oxford's New Hart's Rules.

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Candida poured herself into making me a better writer.

'Writing is a very personal endeavour. As an aspiring author you pour in all the skill, dedication, intelligence and courage you can muster. You should demand nothing less from your editor. Candida poured herself into making me a better writer. Not just better for my current project but better for the rest of my career. As much as I value the treasure trove of improvements she offered for my manuscript, they pale in comparison to her advice on honing my craft. If you have worked to bring your story to life, then don’t sell yourself short when it comes to editing. You will not regret having Candida give your manuscript the most thorough reading it has ever had. Thank you Candida.'

Daria Sanetra, Author of Your Emotional Belly Cure